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Using Comments with Preview Deployments

This guide will help you get started with using Comments with your Vercel Preview Deployments.
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You must be logged in to create a comment. You can press c to enable the comment placement cursor.

Alternatively, select the speech bubble button in the comments toolbar. You can then select a location to place your comment with your cursor.

You can use @ to mention team members and alert them to your comment. For example, you might want to request Jennifer's input by writing "Hey @Jennifer, how do you feel about this?"

A comment using the @ symbol to mention someone.
A comment using the @ symbol to mention someone.

You can add emojis by entering : (the colon symbol) into your comment input box, then entering the name of the emoji. For example, add a smile by entering :smile:. As you enter the name of the emoji you want, suggestions will be offered in a popup modal above the input box. You can select one of the suggestions with your cursor.

Emoji suggestions appear as you type.
Emoji suggestions appear as you type.

To add a reaction, select the emoji icon to the right of the name of the commenter whose comment you want to react to. You can then search for the emoji you want to react with.

A comment with reactions.
A comment with reactions.

Custom emoji from your Slack organization are supported when you integrate the

Vercel Slack app


You can add screenshots to your comments with Vercel's Chrome extension. Access the Chrome extension in the preferences menu.

Markdown is a markup language that allows you to format text, and you can use it to make your comments more readable and visually pleasing.

Supported formatting includes:

CommandKeyboard Shortcut (Windows)Keyboard Shortcut (Mac)Example InputExample Output
BoldCtrl+B⌘+B*Bold text*Bold text
ItalicCtrl+I⌘+I_Italic text_Italic text
StrikethroughCtrl+Shift+X⌘+⇧+X~Strikethrough text~Strikethrough text
Code-formatted textCtrl+E⌘+E`Code-formatted text`Code-formatted text
Bulleted list- or *- or *- Item 1 - Item 2• Item 1 • Item 2
Numbered list1.1.1. Item 1 2. Item 21. Item 1 2. Item 2
Embedded linksN/AN/A[A link]( link
Quotes>>> Quote│ Quote

Every new comment placed on a page begins a thread. The comment author, PR owner, and anyone participating in the conversation will see the thread listed in their Inbox.

The Inbox can be opened by selecting the button in the comments menu bar. A small red badge will indicate how many new notifications there are, if any have been added since you last checked. You can navigate between threads using the up and down arrows near the top of the inbox.

To check notifications within a preview deployment, select the Inbox button on the comments menu bar. You can move the Inbox to the left or right side of the screen by selecting the top of the Inbox modal and dragging it.

You can filter threads by selecting the branch name at the top of the Inbox. A modal will appear, with the following filter options:

  • Filter by page: Show comments across all pages in the inbox, or only those that appear on the page you're currently viewing
  • Filter by status: Show comments in the inbox regardless of status, or either show resolved or unresolved

You can copy a link to a comment in two ways:

  • Select a comment in the Inbox. When you do, the URL will update with an anchor to the selected comment
  • Select the ellipses (three dots) icon to the right of the commenter's name, then select the Copy Link option in the menu that pops up
Last updated on June 22, 2024