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Vercel KV Limits

Learn about Vercel KV's technical limitations.
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Vercel KV is available on Hobby and Pro plans

Vercel KV provides durable, serverless Redis storage. It supports nearly all Redis commands, and is compatible with most Redis clients. This page outlines the limitations of Vercel KV.

Vercel KV was built in partnership with Upstash, which means many of Upstash's features are available with KV. However, there are some differences worth knowing about, including currently unsupported features.

The following is a list of Upstash features that Vercel KV does not currently support:

We also do not support redis-cli version 5, due to its lack of TLS support.

The following is a general list of limitations with Vercel KV:

  • Provisioning a KV store from the Vercel CLI or Vercel Terraform Provider is not currently supported
  • Changing the primary region of a Vercel KV store is not currently supported. Instead, you must create a new store and migrate your data
  • The node-redis and ioredis modules are not supported in Edge Functions. Instead, use the SDK
  • There is a limit of 3,000 requests per day for users on the Hobby plan and Pro trial. When this limit is reached, requests to the database will be rate limited. If you are on the Hobby plan, (and your Pro trial ends) you can upgrade to the Pro plan to remove this limit
  • The Hobby plan has a maximum database size of 256 MB. The database will be rate limited when the maximum requests have been reached. When the maximum storage is reached, writes will fail
  • Users on the Hobby plan can create 1 database, which can be shared across projects. Users on the Pro plan can create 1 database as part of their plan, then up to a maximum of 5 databases (each including 5 read replicas) at an additional cost of 1.00 USD per database

The below table outlines the technical limitations of Vercel KV depending on your plan:

Max commands per second10001000
Max request size1 MB1 MB
Max record size100 MB100 MB
Max number of databases1N/A
Max database size (per database)256MB10 GB
Max number of concurrent connections1001000
Max number of daily requests3000N/A
Max daily bandwidth50 GB50 GB

Exceeding these limits results in being rate-limited. That means you can't write new data until data is deleted.

Under the Hobby plan, databases that remain inactive for more than 30 days are subject to deletion. Please note that:

  • Databases are considered inactive if there have not been any read or write operations within a 30 day timeframe
  • When a database qualifies for deletion, you will receive a notification on Vercel, and a banner will be displayed on the database's detail view in the dashboard
  • If you don't reactivate your database within seven days of receiving this alert, it will be permanently deleted

To prevent deletion, you must reactivate your database by executing either a read or write operation. You can do so by either:

  • Connecting to the database using the database's CLI in the dashboard
  • Using either the redis-cli or the @vercel/kv packages within your application. For example, you can send commands such as GET mykey or SET mykey 1

Once Vercel has deleted a database, it cannot be recovered. This policy affects customers on the Hobby plan only.

When using a read only token to connect to your KV store, you will not have access to any write commands. You will also not have access to the KEYS command.

Vercel KV creates a single Redis store as your primary region. Writes are routed to the primary region, then replicated to other read regions you define.

Support for replication to other regions is an additional charge. You can have up to four additional read replicas. Learn more about usage and pricing for Vercel KV.

Vercel KV is a first-party integration with Upstash, using Upstash Global Databases. You can select a single primary region, and up to four additional read replicas.

Supported regions for Vercel KV correspond to Upstash's available regions. The following regions are available for Vercel KV.

Region CodeRegion NameLocation
dub1eu-west-1Dublin, Ireland
fra1eu-central-1Frankfurt, Germany
gru1sa-east-1São Paulo, Brazil
iad1us-east-1Washington, D.C., USA
pdx1us-west-2Portland, USA
sfo1us-west-1San Francisco, USA
syd1ap-southeast-2Sydney, Australia

We recommend selecting the same regions for your store as your Edge and Serverless Functions.

See what Redis commands we support in our Redis Compatibility docs.

When you create a Vercel KV store, a Redis store is provisioned with support for TLS v1.2 and v1.3 enabled. There is no way to disable TLS for your KV store.

Last updated on June 20, 2024