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Vercel Firewall

Learn how Vercel Firewall helps to protect your applications and websites from DDoS attacks and unauthorized access.
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Vercel Firewall is a set of tools and infrastructure, created specifically with security in mind. It automatically mitigates DDoS attacks and Enterprise teams can get further customization for their site, including dedicated support and custom rules for IP blocking.

Vercel provides automated DDoS mitigation for all deployments, regardless of the plan that you are on. With this automated DDoS mitigation, we will block incoming traffic if it hits abnormal or suspicious levels of incoming requests.

Dedicated DDoS support is available on Enterprise plans

For significantly larger, distributed attacks on Enterprise Teams, we work closely with you to ensure your site(s) stay online in the event of an attack. The combination of automated prevention and direct communication from our Customer Success Managers helps ensure your site is resilient to attacks.

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Custom rules for IP Blocking is available on Enterprise plans

Those with the owner and member roles can access this feature

Enterprise teams can customize the Vercel Firewall by restricting access to your applications or websites based on the IP addresses of incoming requests.

By creating custom rules for IP blocking, in conjunction with DDoS mitigation, you can further strengthen your security posture and maintain control over who can access your applications and websites.

Last updated on February 21, 2024