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Vercel ElevenLabs IntegrationMarketplace

Learn how to integrate ElevenLabs with Vercel.
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ElevenLabs specializes in advanced voice synthesis and audio processing technologies. Its integration with Vercel allows you to incorporate realistic voice and audio enhancements into your applications, ideal for creating interactive media experiences.

You can use the Vercel and ElevenLabs integration to power a variety of AI applications, including:

  • Voice synthesis: Use ElevenLabs for generating natural-sounding synthetic voices in applications such as virtual assistants or audio-books
  • Audio enhancement: Use ElevenLabs to enhance audio quality in applications, including noise reduction and sound clarity improvement
  • Interactive media: Use ElevenLabs to implement voice synthesis and audio processing in interactive media and gaming for realistic soundscapes

ElevenLabs offers models that specialize in advanced voice synthesis and audio processing, delivering natural-sounding speech and audio enhancements suitable for various interactive media applications.

Eleven English v2

Type: Audio

The highest quality English text-to-speech model.

Eleven English v1

Type: Audio

The original ElevenLabs English text-to-speech model.

Eleven Multilingual v1

Type: Audio

A multilingual text-to-speech model. This has been surpassed by the Eleven Multilingual v2 model.

Eleven Multilingual v2

Type: Audio

A multilingual text-to-speech model that supports 28 languages.

Eleven Turbo v2

Type: Audio

The fastest text-to-speech model. Only English is supported.

The Vercel ElevenLabs integration can be accessed through the AI tab on your Vercel dashboard.

To follow this guide, you'll need the following:

  1. Navigate to the AI tab in your Vercel dashboard
  2. Select ElevenLabs from the list of providers, and press Add
  3. Review the provider information, and press Add Provider
  4. You can now select which projects the provider will have access to. You can choose from All Projects or Specific Projects
    • If you select Specific Projects, you'll be prompted to select the projects you want to connect to the provider. The list will display projects associated with your scoped team
    • Multiple projects can be selected during this step
  5. Select the Connect to Project button
  6. You'll be redirected to the provider's website to complete the connection process
  7. Once the connection is complete, you'll be redirected back to the Vercel dashboard, and the provider integration dashboard page. From here you can manage your provider settings, view usage, and more
  8. Pull the environment variables into your project using Vercel CLI
    vercel env pull .env.development.local
  9. Install the providers package
    pnpm i elevenlabs 
  10. Connect your project using the code below:
    Other frameworks
  1. Add the provider to your page using the code below:
Last updated on June 15, 2024