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Adding a Provider

Learn how to add a new AI provider to your Vercel projects.
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When you navigate to the AI tab, you'll see a list of all available AI integration providers available for installation in your Vercel projects.

To add a new provider:

  1. Select the Add button next to the provider you want to integrate
  2. Review the provider card which displays the models available, along with a description of the provider and links to their website, pricing, and documentation
  3. Select the Add Provider button
  4. You can now select which projects the provider will have access to. You can choose from All Projects or Specific Projects
    • If you select Specific Projects, you'll be prompted to select the projects you want to connect to the provider. The list will display projects associated with your scoped team
    • Multiple projects can be selected during this step
  5. Select the Connect to Project button
  6. You'll be redirected to the provider's website to complete the connection process
  7. Once the connection is complete, you'll be redirected back to the Vercel dashboard, and the provider integration dashboard page. From here you can manage your provider settings, view usage, and more

Once you add a provider the AI tab will display a list of all the providers you've connected to. To add more providers or models, select the Add Integration button.

Last updated on May 27, 2024