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    The request for a Serverless Function reached the timeout threshold. This is an application error.

    504: Gateway Timeout

    If you are seeing an execution timeout error, check the following possible causes:

    • The function is taking too long to process a request: Check that any API, or database requests you make in your function, are responding within the Serverless Function Execution Duration limit applicable to your plan.
    • The function isn't returning a response: The function must return an HTTP response, even if that response is an error. If no response is returned, the function will time out.
    • You have an infinite loop within your function: Check that your function is not making an infinite loop at any stage of execution.
    • Upstream errors: Check that any external API or database that you are attempting to call doesn't have any errors.
    • A common cause for this issue is when the application contains an unhandled exception. Check the application logs, which can be found at the host URL under the /_logs path, for example:

    For more information on Serverless Functions timeouts, see What can I do about Vercel Serverless Functions timing out?