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Edge Config Limits

Learn about the data size and request limits of Edge Configs based on account plans.

Since Edge Configs are key-value stores optimized for small data that is read frequently but written to infrequently, there are constraints set at the level of your account to facilitate this function.

  • A single Edge Config has a maximum size based on the account plan:
  • Every account plan can deploy a limited amount of Edge Configs:
  • Data item key name restrictions:
    • Keys are limited to 256 characters
    • Valid key names must not have special characters other than - or _. Key names are checked against the following regex pattern: ^[A-z0-9_-]+$
  • Writes are resource-intensive
  • Writes to your Edge Config can take up to 10 seconds to propagate globally. Avoid using Edge Configs for data that is updated frequently or must be accessed immediately after it has been updated
  • Edge Configs accessed from local development environments cannot benefit from Vercel's optimizations. As a result, they can be well over 100 milliseconds slower than production
  • Adding Edge Configs via shared environment variables are not supported yet

If your Edge Config seems slower than expected, check the following:

You are using the SDK to access it
You see the Edge Config icon on the row for the connected environment variable on the Environment Variables page of your project settings
You are testing on your Vercel deployment as the optimizations happen only when you deploy to Vercel

Edge Config icon with connected environment variable

If you are developing locally or self-hosting, your Edge Config is loaded via the public Internet network. In this case, is it safe to have the token as a parameter in the connection string?

  • It is safe because the SDK parses the passed string and then, sends the token via an Authorization header