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Understanding Vercel's Pro Plan Trial

Learn all about Vercel's Pro Plan free trial, including features, usage limits, and options post-trial. Learn how to manage your team's projects with Vercel's Pro Plan trial.
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Vercel offers three plan tiers: Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Pro trial offers an opportunity to explore Pro features for free during the trial period. There are some limitations. For a side-by-side comparison of plan features, refer to the plans comparison table.

There is a limit of two Pro plan trials per user account.

  1. Select the scope selector from the dashboard. From the bottom of the list select Create Team. Alternatively, click this button:

    Get started with Vercel Pro for free

    Experience the power of Pro features during your trial. Unlock unlimited Serverless Function requests, 1000 GB-hours of execution, boosted application bandwidth, and enjoy free access to Speed Insights throughout your trial period.

  2. Name your team
  3. Select the Pro Trial option from the dialog. If this option does not appear, it means you have already reached your limit of two trials:
Selecting a team plan.
Selecting a team plan.

The trial plan follows the same general limits as a regular plan but with specified usage restrictions. See how these compare to the non-trial usage limits:

Pro Trial Limits
Team Members10
Serverless Function ExecutionMax. 500 GB-Hrs
Edge Function ExecutionMax. 1,000,000 execution units
Build ExecutionMax. 200 Hrs
Image Optimization Source ImagesMax. 2,500 Images
MonitoringMax. 125,000 metrics
Domains per Project50
Vercel KVFollows Hobby limits
Vercel PostgresFollows Hobby limits

To monitor the current usage of your Team's projects, see the Usage guide.

The following Pro features are not available on the trial:

Your trial finishes after 14 days or once your team exceeds the usage limits, whichever happens first. After which, you can opt for one of two paths:

If you wish to continue on the Pro plan, you must add a payment method to ensure a seamless transition from the trial to the paid plan when your trial ends.

To add a payment method, navigate to the Billings page through Settings > Billing. From this point, you will get billed according to the number of users in your team.

Billing begins immediately after your trial ends if you have added a payment method.

Without a payment method, your account reverts to a Hobby plan when the trial ends. All team members will be removed from your team, and all Hobby limits will apply to your team.

Charges apply only if you have a payment method. If a trial finishes and you haven't set payment method, you will not get charged.

You can upgrade to a Pro plan anytime later by visiting Settings > Billing and adding a payment method.

If your Pro trial account gets downgraded to a Hobby account, you can revert this by upgrading to Pro. If you've transferred out the projects that were exceeding the included Hobby usage and want to unpause your Hobby account, contact support.

When you upgrade to Pro, the pause status on your account will get lifted. This reinstates:

  • Full access to all previous projects and deployments
  • Access to the increased limits and features of a Pro account

No charges apply for the months of inactivity. Billing will only cover the current billing cycle.

Last updated on June 19, 2024