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How do I choose which region to deploy my Serverless Functions in?

The Vercel platform caches all static content at the edge by default. This means your static files like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are immediately available from all Vercel regions.

Serverless Functions are deployed to the IAD1 region by default to ensure your Serverless Functions are located close to most external data sources hosted on the East Coast of the USA.

Deploying your Serverless Functions to a region close to your data sources (such as your database) can greatly improve performance. Reading data from your data sources will have less latency when your Serverless Functions and data sources are physically close.

Changing your Serverless Function region

All Vercel accounts can change the default region of their Serverless Functions. Learn how to change the region in our documentation.

Enterprise accounts can configure a Project to use multiple Serverless Function regions. If you believe your project requires an Enterprise plan, please contact our Enterprise department.

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