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Vercel Toolbar

Learn how to use the Vercel Toolbar to leave feedback, navigate through important dashboard pages, share deployments, use Draft Mode for previewing unpublished content, and Edit Mode for editing content in real-time.
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Vercel Toolbar is available on all plans

The Vercel Toolbar is a tool that assists in the iteration and development process. Through the toolbar, you can:

The Vercel Toolbar on a deployment
The Vercel Toolbar on a deployment

The Vercel Toolbar provides the following features:

CommentsLeave feedback on your preview and production environment
Navigate to useful dashboard pagesNavigate to useful dashboard pages
Share your deploymentShare your deployment with others
Draft ModeUse Draft Mode to preview unpublished content from your headless CMS
Feature FlagsRead and set feature flag overrides for your applications
Edit ModeUse Edit Mode to edit content in real-time
Layout ShiftsCheck for Layout Shifts (CLS) in your deployment
Interaction TimingMeasure Interaction Timing (INP) in your deployment
Accessibility Audit ToolCheck your deployment for accessibility issues

The toolbar appears on all preview deployments by default, and can be added to production or local environments using the @vercel/toolbar npm package. See using in production or locally for more information.

While logged into the toolbar, you can navigate to many of the project and deployment settings by:

  • Selecting the Menu icon in the Vercel Toolbar ()
  • Entering  k (cmd+shift+k or ctrl+shift+k on Windows). See the Using your own CMD + K feature section if your app already implements a  k shortcut

Doing so will open a menu that allows you to navigate to useful pages and tools, such as:

SearchQuickly search the toolbar and access dashboard pages.
Quick branch accessView the current branch and commit hash.
Switch branchesQuickly switch between branches (on preview and production branches - not locally).
Layout shiftsOpen the Layout Shift Tool to identify elements causing layout shifts.
Interaction timingInspect in detail each interaction's latency and view your current session's INP.
Accessibility audit toolAutomatically check the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 level A and AA rules.
Open GraphView open graph properties for the page you are on and see what the link preview will look like.
CommentsAccess the Comments panel to leave or view feedback.
View inbox View all open comments.
Navigate to your teamNavigate to your team's dashboard.
Navigate to your projectNavigate to your project's dashboard.
Navigate to your deploymentNavigate to your deployment's dashboard.
Hide Toolbar Hide the toolbar.
Disable for sessionDisable the toolbar for the current session.
Set preferencesSet personal preferences for the toolbar.
LogoutLogout of the toolbar.

If your app already has a  k (cmd+k or ctrl+k on Windows) feature, you can still open your menu by:

  • Adding event.preventDefault() to the handler that toggles the menu, to prevent Vercel's Command Menu from opening with the  k shortcut
  • Using  k (cmd+shift+k or ctrl+shift+k on Windows) to open Vercel's Command Menu

You can use the Share button in deployments with the Vercel Toolbar enabled, as well as in all preview deployments, to share your deployment's generated URL. To learn more, see Sharing Deployments.

If you're on an Enterprise team, you will be able to see who shared deployment URLs in your audit logs.

You can reposition the toolbar by dragging it to any edge of your screen. It will snap into place and appear there across deployments until you move it again. Repositioning only affects where you see the toolbar, it does not change the toolbar position for your collaborators.

The Vercel Toolbar is enabled by default for all preview deployments. You can disable the toolbar at the team, project, or session level. You can also manage its visibility for automation with HTTP headers and through environment variables. To learn more, see Managing the toolbar.

When logged into the Vercel Toolbar, you'll find a Preferences button in the options menu. In this menu, you can update the following settings:

NotificationsSet when you will receive notifications for comments in the deployment you're viewing
ThemeSelect your color theme
Chrome ExtensionAdd Vercel's extension to your browser for easy attachment of screenshots to your comments
Layout Shift DetectionEnable or disable the Layout Shift Tool
Reset OnboardingSee tooltips above the comments toolbar explaining the functionality of each button
Last updated on July 25, 2024