​​Vercel provides integrations for your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket projects, allowing for automatic deployments on every branch push and merge to the default branch.

The Vercel Git Integrations provide the following benefits:

The easiest way to use a Git Integration is to think of your default branch as production. Every time a pull/merge request is made to the default branch, Vercel will create a unique deployment, allowing you to view the changes in a preview environment before merging.

When merging to the default branch, a Production Deployment is made, making the latest changes available to assigned custom domains automatically.

Available Integrations

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Quick Installation

You can install any Git Integration directly from your dashboard by clicking "Import Project" followed by "From Git Repository". Then from the GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket tabs in the "You own the Repository" section, click the "Connect" or "Install" button.

The "You own the Repository" section with a prompt to install Vercel for GitHub.

Deploying Private Git Repositories

In order to deploy commits from a private Git Repository (or a fork of a private Git Repository) under a Team, the commit author has to be a member of the Team on Vercel (even if the commit author is a bot).

If the commit author is not a member, the Deployment will be prevented and a request to join the Team will automatically be issued for the commit author. After that, the owners of the Team will be notified and can either accept or decline the membership request on the "Members" page in the Team Settings.

Declining the request will leave the commit undeployed. If the commit author gets accepted as a member of the Team, however, their most recent commit will resume to be deployed to Vercel automatically.

Commit authors will automatically be considered a part of the Team on Vercel if one of the existing members connected their Personal Account on Vercel with the Git account that created the commit.