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Teams are available on Pro and Enterprise plans

Teams on Vercel allow you to collaborate with members on projects, and grant you access to additional resources. Teams exist on the Pro and Enterprise plans. If you are on the Hobby plan, you can upgrade to a Pro plan to use teams.

Creating a team will enter you into a trial (14 days) on the Pro plan and enable you to collaborate on projects. If you want to allow collaboration on projects that exist on your personal account, you can transfer those projects to the team account.

You can create a team by clicking on the scope selector in the top left of the nav bar. When you create a new team, you will be prompted to give that team a name in a URL format. This is the name your team will have on your dashboard, and what your members will use to access your team.

Creating a team from the scope selector in the dashboard.

Your personal account can be used to join one or multiple teams on Vercel. This can happen through:

To request access, you can push a commit to a private Git repository owned by the team, or interact with the automatic suggestions on the Vercel dashboard.

Vercel creates a list of teams you might want to join if one or more of the following statements is true:

  • Your team's email domain and email address for your personal account contain the same domain
  • It's a team with a project connected to a GitHub organization that you're also a member of
  • It's a team with a project connected to a GitLab group that you're also a member of
  • It's a team with a project connected to a Bitbucket workspace that you're also a member of

If there are Suggested Teams for your personal account, you'll see those appear in the scope selector on the top left of the dashboard, and on the teams page within your personal account settings.

A Team ID is unique identifier generated when your Team is created. The Team ID never changes. Sometimes you need your Team's ID to make an API request. You may also need to share your Team ID with others, so they can grant you access to projects and feature flags.

You can find your Team ID by using the Vercel API, or by navigating to your team's Dashboard on Vercel.

Check out our Vercel API spec reference to learn how to request Team information.

The easiest way to find your Team ID in Vercel's Dashboard is to visit the following URL, substituting your Team's name where it says your_team_name_here:


  • Visit the Settings tab in your Team's Dashboard
  • Select General in the navigation on the left
  • Finally, scroll to the Team ID section. You can copy it from there

You can't leave a team if you are the last remaining owner or the last confirmed member. To leave a team, first select a different confirmed member to be an team owner.

If you are the only remaining member, you should delete the team instead.