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Last updated on June 7, 2023
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Vercel Postgres Limits

Learn about Vercel Postgres's technical limitations.

Vercel Postgres is available in Beta on Pro and Hobby plans

Vercel Postgres provides managed, serverless SQL. It supports nearly all Postgres commands, and is compatible with most Postgres clients. This page outlines the limitations of Vercel Postgres.

Vercel Postgres databases use version 15 of PostgreSQL. The following features are fully supported:

Colocating your database in regions with your Functions (see available regions)

Access to usage metrics for billing purposes, which you can view in your dashboard under the Usage tab.

Managing your databases using SQL
Deleting databases
Connecting from Serverless and Edge Functions
Note: Prisma does not currently support connections with Edge Functions except with the Prisma Data Proxy. We recommend connecting using Kysely or Drizzle instead.

The list below shows what is not currently possible with Vercel Postgres:

  • It is not possible to transfer your database between accounts. This includes transferring from Hobby to Pro or Pro to Enterprise.
  • Provisioning a Vercel Postgres database from the Vercel CLI is not currently supported (coming soon)
  • Provisioning a Vercel Postgres database from the Vercel Terraform Provider is not current supported
  • Changing the region of a Vercel Postgres database. You can only select a region when creating a database. To change regions, you must create a new database and migrate your data with a tool like pg_dump
  • Databases for those on Hobby plans are configured with 0.25 logical CPUs. Databases for those on Pro plans are configured with 1 CPU

An inactive Vercel Postgres database may experience cold starts. If your database is not accessed within a 5 minute period, your database will be suspended. The next time it is accessed, you will experience a "cold start" of up to 5 seconds.

If your database does not experience 5 minutes of inactivity, it will not be suspended.

Vercel Postgres is a first-party integration with Neon, and many of Neon's features are available with Vercel Postgres. However, there are some differences worth noting:

Accessing the Neon web console is not supported
Database branching is not currently supported, but will be in the future
Configuring multiple Postgres access roles. Primary role credentials can be reset anytime

Vercel Postgres creates a single database as your primary region. You can't change your primary region once your database is created.

We recommend choosing the same region as your Serverless and Edge Functions for the lowest latency.

The following regions are available for Vercel Postgres. You can select a single region, which cannot be changed after your database is created.

Region Code
Region Name
Cleveland, USA
Washington, D.C., USA
Portland, USA
Frankfurt, Germany

Vercel Postgres is a first-party integration with Neon. Supported regions for Vercel Postgres correspond to Neon's available regions. We recommend selecting the same regions for your database as your Edge and Serverless Functions.

Vercel Postgres databases run PostgreSQL version 15, and we do not currently support version upgrades. We will support upgrades soon.

During public beta, Vercel Postgres is not SOC 2 Type 2. We are working with Neon on achieving compliance. Outside of Vercel Postgres and KV in public beta, all other Vercel products are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.