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Vercel Postgres

Vercel Postgres is a serverless SQL database designed to integrate with Vercel Functions and your frontend framework.
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Vercel Postgres is available on Hobby and Pro plans

Vercel Postgres enables you to create scalable, secure PostgreSQL databases. You should use Vercel Postgres if you need to manage customer profiles, user-generated content, financial transaction processing, or other complex data.

Your database can be deployed to a single region and is compatible with Serverless and Edge Functions. Learn how Vercel Postgres works.

The following are just a few use cases for Vercel Postgres:

Manage complex, transactional data: Ideal for storing financial transactions, inventory records, or other critical data, Postgres ensures high consistency and concurrency, making it well-suited for applications that require reliable, real-time data management

Rich data types and extensibility: Choose Postgres for handling diverse data formats or custom data types, such as JSON, arrays, or user-generated content

Read the Vercel Postgres quickstart or deploy a template with Vercel Postgres preconfigured. You can access your database with:

We recommend using Vercel Postgres with an ORM for larger applications. Select one of the options below to view pre-made templates for each ORM:

When you create a Vercel Postgres database in your dashboard, a serverless database running PostgreSQL version 15 is provisioned in the region you specify. This region is where read and write operations will be routed.

We recommend choosing the same region as your Serverless and Edge Functions for the fastest response times. After creating a database, you cannot change its region. Check your project's region before creating your database.

Vercel Postgres is powered by a partnership with Neon. This means:

  • Creating, deleting, and managing Postgres happens in the Vercel dashboard
  • You do not need to create a Neon account to use Vercel Postgres

Here are some important points to note about how you can use Vercel Postgres with your workflow on Vercel:

  • You can use Vercel Postgres with any PostgreSQL client you prefer
  • You can connect to your database with any PostgreSQL client or ORM
  • You can have multiple Vercel Postgres databases per account, depending on your plan, as explained in our Postgres Limits docs
  • You can use multiple Vercel Postgres databases in one project
  • You can connect multiple projects to a single Vercel Postgres database
  • Vercel Postgres databases can be scoped to different environments within projects using Environment Variables
Last updated on June 22, 2024