There are two identity forms available on Vercel, called "scopes": Users and Teams.

When you signed up for Vercel the first time, you created a Personal Account. Personal Accounts enjoy many Vercel features, and your Projects and Domains are limited to just your Personal Account. You should never give any other person access to your Personal Account under any circumstances.

To work with coworkers, friends, and collaborators, create a Vercel Team. Teams offer additional features and more powerful deployments for all members of the Team.

Creating a Team

You can create a Team by clicking on the scope selector on the top left, and then choosing "Create a Team":

Creating a Team from the scope selector from the dashboard.

Next, you will be asked to set a URL for your new Team:

Setting the Team URL when creating a Team.

After adding the URL, click Save to create your new Team.

Inviting Collaborators

To invite collaborators to your Team, navigate to the Team Settings and select the "Members" section from the menu on the left:

Selecting the Members menu item from the Team Settings page.

You will see a list of people on your Team. At the moment, the list should only contain your Personal Account, as you have not yet invited any other people.

In order to invite another person, click the "Invite" button and enter the email address of the Personal Account of the person you would like to invite:

Inviting additional Team members from the Team members dashboard.

After adding your collaborators by email address, clicking the "Invite" button will send each of them emails asking to join your Team. Following the email link will allow them to create a Personal Account if they do not have one already. Once they have joined the Team, all collaborators will have access to the Team's resources, including Projects and Domains.

Switching Between Users and Teams

You can switch between Teams and your Personal Account by using the scope selector at the top of the dashboard:

Switching Teams from the scope selector in the dashboard.

Note: You can also use Vercel CLI to switch between scopes using vercel switch.

Configuring User or Team Settings

Your Personal Account and each of your Teams can be configured individually. Once you have switched to the scope of your choice on the dashboard, select the Settings tab to view configuration for that scope:

Selecting the Settings tab from the dashboard.

Concurrent Builds

By default, every Personal Account and every Team has one Concurrent Build assigned. This means one Deployment can be building at a time. All subsequent Deployments will be put into a queue and build one after another.

Teams can increase the number of Concurrent Builds in the Billing section of their Team Settings page, therefore allowing the Team to create Deployments at a faster pace. The maximum number of Concurrent Builds for a Team is 12.

Setting the Concurrent Builds limit for a Team.

Personal Accounts cannot increase their Concurrent Builds limit.

Last Edited on March 18th 2021