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Limits and Pricing for Monitoring

Learn about our limits and pricing when using Monitoring. Different limitations are applied depending on your plan.
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    Depending on your pricing plan, different fees apply:

    Base Fee per month
    Fee per 1 million data points
    Free data points per month

    After your first 250,000 data points on the Pro plan, you will be charged an additional $9 per 1 million data points.

    If you are using Monitoring on a 14-day trial Pro plan, you will not be charged for any of the above items during the trial. When the trial ends, if Monitoring is still enabled, you will be charged a base fee the day after the trial.

    Note: If you need customized limits for Monitoring, contact us to discuss upgrading to Enterprise.

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    Vercel creates a data point each time a request is made to your website. These data points include unique parameters such as execution time and bandwidth used. For a complete list, see the visualize clause docs.

    To get a rough estimate of how much you would be charged for Monitoring on Pro, we recommend you:

    - Navigate to the Usage tab of your Vercel dashboard

    - Set the date filter to Current Billing Cycle or Last 30 days if that option is not available

    - Scroll to the Requests chart and take the sum of both cached and uncached requests

    - Use the calculator below to estimate how much you will be charged for Monitoring. You are charged in per million increments:

    - 250,000 ) / 1,000,000 * $9 = $0.00
    This calculator provides an estimate and should not be used to determine your final bill.

    Monitoring data is retained and queryable for the following time limits:

    30 days
    90 days

    You will be charged a base fee when enabling Monitoring on the Pro or Enterprise plans. However, you will only be charged for the remaining time in your billing cycle. For example,

    • If ten days remain in your current billing cycle, you will only pay around $3. For every new billing cycle after that, you'll be charged a total of $10 at the beginning of the cycle
    • Suppose you disable Monitoring before the billing cycle ends. In that case, Monitoring will automatically turn off, we will stop collecting data points, and you will lose access to existing data. Also, you cannot export the Monitoring data for later use
    • Once the billing cycle is over, you will be charged for the data points collected prior to disabling. You won't be refunded any amounts already paid
    • Re-enabling Monitoring before the end of the billing cycle won't cost you another base fee. Instead, the usual base fee of $10 will apply at the beginning of every upcoming billing cycle
    Last updated on March 6, 2023