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The Vercel API is a REST-styled API that empowers you to gauge the capabilities of the entire Vercel platform including the Integrations.

When building an integration with Vercel, you can request Vercel Access Tokens to authenticate and use the Vercel API. You must provide an API token through the Authorization header.

When installing an Integration, users get redirected to your defined Redirect URL. Since there are several ways of installing an integration, different query parameters are attached.

One of these is the code parameter. This code is valid for 30 minutes and can be only exchanged once for an (long lived) access token.

Note: Don't use Access Token on the client side. Use on an API or backend, to avoid CORS and security issues.

Since Integrations are always installed on a certain scope, it's essential to understand the scope of your Access Tokens as well.

Make sure you append the teamId query parameter to each API request, if your integration is installed on a team. See Accessing Resources Owned by a Team for more details.

The response of your code exchange request includes a team_id property. If team_id is not null, you know that this integration was installed on a team.

In addition to these Vercel API helps your Integrations to interact with the following: