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Vercel AI Integrations

Vercel AI integrations allow you to connect powerful AI models like GPT-3, Pinecone, and more to your Vercel projects.
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Vercel AI Integrations allow you to connect your projects with advanced AI models and services, including Perplexity, Pinecone, Replicate, and more. These integrations provide a direct path to incorporating AI technologies into your applications, enabling you to build, deploy, and leverage AI-powered features with minimal hassle.

You can access the Vercel AI Integrations through the AI tab on your Vercel dashboard. From there, you can browse and connect to the AI models and services that best fit your project's needs.

See the adding a provider guide to learn how to add a provider to your Vercel project, or the adding a model guide to learn how to add a model to your Vercel project.

Last updated on February 22, 2024