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Vercel's infrastructure scales as needed, depending on the demand from your users.
Table of Contents

Using your preferred framework, you can take advantage of Vercel's framework-defined infrastructure, which is optimized to your needs.

Vercel's Edge Network enables you to store content and run compute in regions close to your customers or your data, reducing latency and improving end-user performance.

Vercel Functions enable running code on-demand without needing to manage your own infrastructure, provision servers, or upgrade hardware.

Learn how you can use Edge Middleware, code that executes before a request is processed on a site, to provide speed and personalization to your users.

Vercel offers built-in image optimization capabilities that can help you serve high-quality images with minimal impact on page load times.

Learn how Vercel's Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) provides better performance and faster builds.

Learn about caching on Vercel's Edge Network.

Learn how to use Data Caching to cache static data.

Cron Jobs are available on all plans

Cron jobs are time-based scheduling tools used to automate repetitive tasks. When a cron job is triggered through the cron expression, it calls a Vercel Function.

Last updated on July 13, 2024