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When you create a new account with Vercel, you are creating a Personal Account. A Personal Account is your own, individual account, registered with the Vercel platform and cannot be upgraded. It exists on the Hobby plan and is free to use (subject to the Fair Use Policy) forever.

Your Personal Account always exists on the Hobby plan, and is ideal for personal projects. While you can collaborate with others via pull requests on your repository, you cannot invite others to collaborate on a Team project with a Personal Account. If you would like to do this, create or join a Team.

Creating a Team will give you a trial (14 days) on the Pro plan and enable you to collaborate on Projects. When you create a Team, you will want to transfer any Projects you wish to collaborate on from your Personal Account to the Team.

You can log into your Personal Account using the following methods:

  • Email
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket

For more information on how to login to your Personal Account, please see Login Connections.