After you've signed up to Vercel, your Personal Account was born. It's your own dedicated key to the Vercel universe, and serves two major purposes:


First and foremost, your Personal Account is what identifies you on Vercel. You use it to log in, and to manage how others perceive you on the platform.

Furthermore, your Personal Account is also what you use to access Teams, and collaborate with others. A single Personal Account can join many Teams.

Using Login Connections, you can manage the different ways in which you can log into your Personal Account. Even regardless of those, however, you will always be able to log in with your email address.

Personal Space

In addition to representing your identity on Vercel, your Personal Account is also a place where you can deploy personal projects.

Because it is completely free of charge forever and provides all the resources needed for as many projects as you want (subject to our Fair Use Policy), you can think of it as your own personal space on the platform that follows you along and never ceases to exist, as long as you're signed up to Vercel.

While Teams can be used to deploy commercial projects and collaborate with others, your Personal Account is the ideal place for any kind of Hobby project.