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When visitors are arriving to your application, they are ideally greeted by a customized experience that evolves around your own brand, to make them quickly realize that they've arrived to the right place.

To guarantee this, you can assign a custom Domain to your Project, which people will then be able to use for accessing your Production Deployment.

On Vercel, this Domain can have any format of your choosing:

  • (apex domain)
  • (subdomain)
  • * (wildcard domain)

If you already own a Domain, you will be able to point it to Vercel, or transfer it over. If you don't own one yet, the platform will also help you purchase a new one.

By default, every newly created Project will automatically be granted its own subdomain that gets assigned to Production Deployments, ending in

You can find it right below your Project's name on the Project list:

Your Project on the dashboard's Project list.

This default Domain is free of charge forever, and generated from your Project's name.

If you want to, it can forever remain on your Project and be the main way in which visitors access your application (or you might choose to keep it for some time, and then remove it at some point in the future).

As shown above, if your Project's name isn't available as a subdomain, additional random words might be attached to it.

It's configured on the Domains page in the Project Settings:

A list of Domains configured in your Project Settings.

As you can see, the default Domain is assigned to the main Git branch in this example, which represents the Production Branch. It's the branch onto which you can merge changes to deliver them to visitors, if your Vercel Project is connected to a Git repository.

It also applies to changes made via the command-line.

You will learn more about how to make changes to your Project soon.

To configure your own Domain of choice in place of the default one, you can click the "Edit" button right next to the respective entry in the Project Settings.

If you don't own one yet, make sure to purchase it first.

Editing your Project's default Domain in the Project Settings.

Next, customize the value of the Domain field and hit "Save".

This will make the previous Domain unavailable. If you haven't yet shared the default Domain with anyone else, that's fine. If you have, it is recommended to instead add a separate Domain using the text field at the top of the page.

If you also want to customize your Project's Production Branch, you can do so using the respective field in the Project Settings. The "Git Branch" field on your Domains can only be used for Preview Branches.

After customizing your Project's default Domain, it will automatically start working if you've purchased it from Vercel.

If it's a Domain that you've already purchased elsewhere, however, you will be asked to connect it with the platform:

Configuring a Domain in the Project Settings.

Depending on whether you've configured an apex domain, a subdomain, or a wildcard domain, you will be presented with different instructions. Follow them, and your Domain will successfully start resolving to your Project's Production Deployment afterwards.

It is recommended to use a DNS Record for configuring your Domain at first, as shown on the dashboard.

The "Nameservers" option might provide long-term performance and reliability benefits, but requires that you use Vercel for managing your DNS Records. In turn, if you select this option, you will have to move your existing DNS Records over to Vercel. It is therefore recommended to make this change at a later point in time – not now.

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