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Last updated on February 6, 2023
4 min read

Vercel is an end-to-end platform for developers, that allows you to create and deploy your web application. Vercel provides the following features to enable you to serve fast and personalized content to your users:

  • Deployments - Managing your deployments is at the heart of everything Vercel does. Once you import your project, Vercel automatically handles the configuration of the build settings for your framework. Vercel also provides build logs, to help you to identify issues before you deploy to production.
  • CI/CD - As you're developing a project, Vercel automatically provides a preview deployment with its own URL. The preview URL is automatically integrated with your connected Git provider and is accessible in the body of your pull request. Once your pull request is merged into the main branch, Vercel will make a Production Deployment.
  • Custom domains - By default, Vercel assigns a domain to every deployment, but you can also update it to point to a custom domain. You can buy a custom domain either through Vercel or a third party, and Vercel will handle all the necessary configuration, such as DNS and SSL certificates.
  • Monitoring your project - Once your site is available to users, you can use Checks, Analytics, and Usage to monitor how well your site is performing.

There are plenty of other features to continue exploring along the way, such as collaborating with your Team, optimizing your content with the Vercel Edge Network, extending Vercel's capabilities with Integrations, and working on the command line with Vercel CLI.

To sign up for Vercel, go to You can choose to authenticate either with a Git provider or by using an email. When using email authentication, you may need to confirm both your email address and a phone number.

Vercel offers two types of accounts: Personal Accounts and Team Accounts. All Personal Accounts are on the Hobby plan, but Teams can choose to be on either the Pro or Enterprise plan. To compare each plan, see the Pricing page.

Depending on the type of team, you can assign various account roles. For Enterprise teams, you can also set up SAML SSO with any of the supported providers.

Connecting to a Git provider is an important part of the Vercel journey. This is because every time you push code, Vercel automatically creates a new deployment. For more information on using Vercel with your Git provider see:

To get started, select one of the Git providers below:

Continue getting started on Vercel: