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In order to run your Serverless Functions as fast as possible, Vercel can deploy your code to dozens of locations (called regions) across the world.

Deploying your Serverless Functions to a region close to your data sources (such as your database) can greatly improve performance. Reading data from your data sources will have less latency when your Serverless Functions and data sources are physically close.

For optimal performance, choose a data source which:

The default Serverless Function region is Washington, D.C., USA (iad1). Most external data sources are hosted on the East Coast of the USA, so this ensures your Serverless Functions are fast by default.

Note: Projects created before January 14, 2021 default to San Francisco, USA (sfo1). We recommend updating these projects to the new default of Washington, D.C., USA (iad1).

You can configure a default Serverless Function region for your Projects in the settings. Choose a project from the dashboard, then, select the Settings tab:

Selecting the Settings tab from the Project Overview page.

Next, select Functions from the menu.

Selecting the Functions menu item from the Project Settings page.

Here, you can select a default Serverless Function region for your project:

Where to configure a new Serverless Function region for your Project.

Enterprise accounts can configure a Project to use multiple regions.

This can be configured with the regions property in vercel.json or with the --regions option of Vercel CLI.

If your Project requires Multiple Regions, please contact Sales.

If a Deployment defines the regions configuration property in vercel.json, the Project's Serverless Function region setting is ignored.

If a CLI Deployment defines the --regions option, the "Serverless Function Region" setting is ignored.