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Preview Deployments

View, share and receive feedback on preview deployments of your pull requests before you merge them.

Preview Deployments allow you to preview changes to your app in a live deployment without merging those changes to your Git project's production branch. Members of your Vercel Team as well as people you share your previews with can give feedback on these changes via Comments.

Preview Deployments are available by default for all projects. You create one when:

If you'd rather not generate Preview Deployments, check out our instructions for turning them off.

Receive feedback on your Preview Deployments from Vercel Team members and people you share the Preview URL with via the Comments feature.

Comments allow teams and participants outside the team to give direct feedback on Preview Deployments. Comments can be added directly over the areas of your site that are relevant to the feedback, and discussion threads can continue within the Preview Deployment itself or in an integrated Slack channel.

Learn more in the Comments docs.

The Preview URL is updated to reflect the latest deployment changes.

You can see the Preview URL when creating a pull or merge request using Git. It contains the name of the person or team to which the Project belongs.

If you request a Preview URL, the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header is set as noindex. This ensures that the Preview URLs are not indexed by search engines such as Google.

You can prevent this behavior when assigning a custom domain to a preview Git branch. In this case, the X-Robots-Tag header is not set with the value noindex.

You can learn more about the X-Robots-Tag by reviewing this Google Search Reference.

You can turn off Preview Deployments by using the "Ignore Build Step" option. For example, using this command, you can tell Vercel only to build your main branch and ignore all other branches. If the command returns "0", the build is skipped. If, however, a code "1" or greater is returned, a new deployment is built.