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Account Plans on Vercel

Learn about the different plans available on Vercel.
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Vercel offers three account plans: Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise.

Each plan is designed to meet the needs of different types of users, from personal projects to large enterprises. The Hobby plan is free and includes base features, while the Pro and Enterprise plans offer enhanced features and resources.

The Hobby plan is designed for personal projects and developers. It includes CLI and personal Git integrations, built-in CI/CD, automatic HTTPS/SSL, and previews deployments for every Git push.

It also provides base resources for Vercel Functions, Edge Middleware, and Image Optimization, along with 100 GB of Fast Data Transfer and 1 hour of runtime logs.

See the Hobby plan page for more details.

The Pro plan caters to professional developers, freelancers, and small businesses, offering enhanced features and resources. It encompasses all features of the Hobby plan, while expanding Fast Data and Origin Transfer, Functions limitations, Build Execution minutes, and Image Optimization source images.

It also introduces team collaboration features, email support, and increased limits for domains per project and deployments per day.

See the Pro plan page for more details.

The Enterprise plan caters to large organizations and enterprises requiring custom options, advanced security, and dedicated support. It includes all features of the Pro plan, with custom limits for Vercel Functions and Edge Middleware, Execution, Build Execution, and Image Optimization.

Enterprise customers benefit from Single Sign-On (SSO), enhanced observability and logging, isolated build infrastructure, dedicated customer success managers, and SLAs.

See the Enterprise plan page for more details.

The following table is a high-level comparison of the plans available on Vercel. For more details, see each plans individual page.

Fast Data TransferUp to 100 GBUp to 1 TBCustom
Fast Origin TransferUp to 10 GBUp to 100 GBCustom
Edge Functions execution units500,0001 millionCustom
Edge Middleware invocations1 million1 millionCustom
Serverless Function maximum duration10s (default) - configurable up to 60s15s (default) - configurable up to 300s15s (default) - configurable up to 900s
Serverless Function execution100 GB-hours1,000 GB-hoursCustom
Build execution minutes6,00024,000Custom
Concurrent builds11Custom
Image Optimization source images1,0005,000Custom
Team collaboration features-YesYes
Team member pricing-$20/moCustom
Remote Cache artifact downloads10 GB20 GBCustom
Domains per project50UnlimitedUnlimited
Deployments per day1006,000Custom
Web Analytics events2,50025,000Custom
Speed Insights data points10,000UnlimitedCustom
Email support-YesCustom
Single Sign-On (SSO) / SAML Login--Yes
Enhanced observability & logging--Yes
Isolated build infrastructure--Yes
Custom security features--Yes
Dedicated success manager & SLAs--Yes
Onboarding & advanced support--Yes
Code audits & professional services--Yes

On the usage page of your dashboard. To learn how your usage relates to your bill and how to optimize your usage, see Manage and optimize usage.

You can also learn more about how usage incurs on your site or how to understand your invoice.

All plans receive notifications by email and on the dashboard when they are approaching and exceed their usage limits.

  • Hobby plans will be paused when they exceed the included free tier usage
  • Pro plans users can configure Spend Management to automatically pause deployments, trigger a webhook, or send SMS notifications when they reach 100% usage

For Pro and Enterprise teams, when you reach 100% usage your deployments are not automatically stopped. Rather, Vercel enables you to incur on-demand usage as your site grows. It's important to be aware of the usage page of your dashboard to see if you are approaching your limit.

One of the benefits to always being on, is that you don't have to worry about downtime in the event of a huge traffic spike caused by announcements or other events. Keeping your site live during these times can be critical to your business.

See Manage & optimize usage for more information on how to optimize your usage.

Last updated on May 29, 2024