To make it extremely easy to navigate through the dashboard and perform common actions more quickly, Vercel provides a menu with shortcuts, called the Command Menu.

You can access it using by pressing + K (instead of , use Ctrl on Windows or Linux) on your keyboard, or by clicking on the respective item in your personal menu at the top right of the dashboard:

Opening the Command Menu using your cursor.

In fact, it even works in the documentation, so you can try it right here. Go ahead!

Once opened, the Command Menu will offer you a list of commonly used shortcuts. For example, you can quickly navigate to a specific Project or Team right away, using your (arrow up), (arrow down) and (enter) keys:

The Command Menu with its default shortcut suggestions.

The Command Menu is only available on desktop and tablet devices, but not on smartphones, as it provides the biggest efficiency advantage when used in combination with a keyboard, instead of your mouse or finger.

Recently Used Items

By default, the list is comprised of shortcuts that the Vercel Team has found to be most useful for you. However, over time, the list will automatically adapt to your own usage of the Command Menu and begin to suggest recently used shortcuts at the top:

An example of recently used items suggested by the Command Menu.

Up to 3 suggestions for recently used shortcuts will appear, and be ordered by the latest time you used them, with the most recently used item showing up at the very top.

When the dashboard is closed, the suggestions will reset.

Context-Based Items

Because the purpose of the Command Menu is to get you to your desired goal in the quickest way possible, it also changes its behavior based on your surrounding context on the dashboard and documentation.

If you're currently looking at the dashboard of a Team, for example, you will be offered to copy a link for inviting new Team Members if you're an Owner of that Team.

Whereas, if you're looking at your Personal Account instead, you will not be offered that option because Personal Accounts don't support collaborating.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to + K (instead of , use Ctrl on Windows or Linux) for opening the overview of the Command Menu, Vercel also offers direct keyboard shortcuts for some of the commonly used actions:

  • Search Projects with + P
  • Search Teams with + T
  • Search Documentation pages with + D
  • Switch between light and dark mode with T

They are also shown next to each of the supported items in the list:

The additional keyboard shortcut offered for searching Projects.

Thanks to the shortcuts mentioned above, you often won't even have to navigate through the items offered by the Command Menu to get to your desired destination quickly.

Instead, you can use these shortcuts to skip the overview of items and perform the action directly. Therefore, it is recommended to embed these shortcuts into your workflow.

What about regular menus?

If you want, the Command Menu can be a complete replacement for the traditional dashboard navigation.

Regular menus will continue to exist for the purpose of navigating the dashboard with your mouse or fingers (on touch-based devices), but if you're most efficient using your keyboard, you might prefer the Command Menu.

Over time, the Command Menu will offer increasingly intelligent suggestions and allow for performing more actions inline to increase your productivity.