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Platform Resources

Learn about the resources available to you on the Vercel platform, including the Dashboard, Account Management, Limits, and more.
Table of Contents

Learn how to use the Vercel Dashboard to view and manage all aspects of the Vercel platform, including your Projects and Deployments.

Learn how to manage your Vercel accounts effectively, and understand our billing process.

Review all the limits and limitations of the Vercel platform, such as the maximum number of deployments and serverless functions per account plan.

Review a list of possible errors you may face when interacting with the Vercel platform and possible reasons why they may occur.

Learn about the different error codes you may encounter when using the Vercel platform.

Learn about the different phases of the Vercel Product release cycle.

Learn how to set up Vercel's private registry for use locally, in Vercel, and in your CI.

Learn about the terms and concepts used in Vercel's products and documentation.

Last updated on May 18, 2024