The Login Connections page lets you manage third-party services you are using to log into your Personal Account on Vercel.

A Login Connection using GitHub.

Adding a Login Connection

To add a Login Connection, click on the button corresponding to the third-party service you would like to use to log into Vercel.

Adding a new Login Connection using the Add New section.

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the respective third-party service, where you can authorize the connection.

Once the connection is successfully authorized by the third-party service, it will appear in the Login Connections list.

The newly added connection shows up in the Login Connections list.

Disconnecting a Login Connection

If you wish to disable a Login Connection, you can do so by opening the menu of the Login Connection and clicking on the Disconnect button.

The opened options menu of a Login Connection.

Note: For GitLab and Bitbucket Login Connections, disconnecting the Login Connection will also disable GitLab or Bitbucket automatic Deployments via Git on your Personal Account.

Existing Login Connection

Your Personal Account on Vercel can only have a single Login Connection per third-party service. For example, that means you can only log into your Personal Account with a single GitHub account, not many GitHub accounts.

If you need to log in with multiple accounts from the same third-party service, we recommend creating a new Personal Account on Vercel. In the future, you'll be able to see multiple Personal Accounts at a glance on your Dashboard.

Last Edited on August 28th 2020