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Vercel Integrations Overview

Learn how to extend Vercel's capabilities by integrating with your preferred providers for headless content, commerce, databases, and more.
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Integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of Vercel and connect with third-party platforms or services to do things like sending logs to services, integrate with testing tools, or connect to your CMS. The Integrations Marketplace provides you with curated integrations that extend and automate your workflow.

  • Extend your Vercel workflow: As someone who uses Vercel to deploy their application, you can integrate with many of the other tools you require into your Vercel workflow.
  • Integrate your service with Vercel: As the creator of a third-party tool or service, you can extend the Vercel platform through traditional integrations, guides, and templates to make it simple for your users to use your platform when they deploy on Vercel. You can then distribute it privately, or partner with us to host it on the Vercel Marketplace.
Last updated on July 25, 2024