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Integrations for Comments

Learn how Comments integrates with Git providers like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket, as well as the Vercel Slack Beta app.

Comments are available for projects using any Git provider. Github, BitBucket and GitLab are supported automatically with the same level of integration.

Pull requests (PRs) with Preview Deployments enabled receive generated PR messages from Vercel bot. These PR messages contain the Preview Deployment URL.

The generated PR message will also display an Add your feedback URL, which lets people visit the Preview Deployment and automatically log in. The PR message tracks how many comments have been resolved.

A message from Vercel bot in a GitHub PR.

Vercel will also add a check to PRs with comments enabled. This check reminds the author of any unresolved comments, and is not required by default.

A failing check for unresolved Preview Comments on a GitHub PR.

To make this check required, check the docs for your favorite Git provider. Docs on required checks for the most popular git providers are listed below.

Commenting is available for preview deployments made with the Vercel CLI. The following git providers are supported for comments with Vercel CLI deployments:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket

See the section on Git provider integration information to learn more.

Commenting is not available for previews of the main or master branch.

Vercel Slack app is available in Beta on all plans

Seamlessly continue conversations in both the Preview Deployment and connected Slack channels with our Vercel Slack Beta app.

Using this app to connect Previews to Slack channels will cause new comments to create corresponding Slack threads. These threads will be synced between both the Preview Deployment and Slack so that the entire discussion can be viewed and responded to on either platform.

To get started, check out our Vercel Slack Beta app in the Vercel Integrations Marketplace. You can select the Add Integration button from within the Marketplace, then select which Team and project the integration should be scoped to.

On the integration configuration page, you must:

  • Select Per Project so that notifications are scoped to one project
  • Enable comments under Preview Events
  • Uncheck options under Deployment Events that you don't want to receive notifications for. You can also connect a different channel to your project through the Slack integration and check the Deployment Events boxes to receive deployment updates separately from preview comments updates
  • Select Add Integration near the bottom of the form to integrate comment threads from your selected project to your selected Slack channel

The Vercel Slack Beta integration UI.

Note: Private Slack channels will not appear in the dropdown list when setting up the beta Slack integration unless you have already invited the Vercel app to the channel. Do so by sending /invite @Vercel Beta as a message to the channel.

When new comments are created on a PR, the Vercel Slack Beta app will announce it in a post in the subscribed Slack channels. The Slack post will include a link to the newly-created comment thread, as well as a preview of the text of the first comment in the thread. A ✅ Resolve button near the bottom of the Slack post will allow you to resolve the comment thread without viewing it.

The Vercel Slack Beta app announcing a new thread in a Slack channel.

When a thread is resolved, the Vercel Slack Beta app will announce it in a post in the subscribed Slack channels. A 🎉 Reopen button near the bottom of the Slack post will allow you to reopen the comment thread to continue the discussion.

Replies within the linked Slack thread will also exist in the comment thread on the Preview Deployment. Likewise, new replies in the comment thread will appear in the linked Slack thread. Edits to any messages in the Preview Deployment or in Slack will be reflected on both platforms.

A Slack thread linked to a comment thread on a Preview Deployment.

Your custom Slack emojis will also be on Preview Deployments that have been integrated with one of your Slack channels. You can search for them by typing : (the colon symbol), then inputting the name of the emoji.

Custom emojis appearing after the : symbol is used.