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If you'd like to automatically notify your team on a Slack workspace whenever a change has occured on your Vercel Team, this Integration will help you out.

You can choose which actions should trigger messages on your Slack workspace, and also which projects on your Vercel Team should be associated with which channels on Slack.

Additional Information

When setting up the Integration, you will be asked to log into your desired Slack workspace and choose a channel on which the messages should be delivered.

Depending on your needs, you can then also select which actions your team should be notified for, and select multiple different relationships between Vercel projects and Slack channels, if necessary.

Private Channels

In order to be able to select private Slack channels, please make sure to invite the @Vercel Slack App to the respective channel.

Once you've authenticated with Slack, this can be done by sending a message that contains @Vercel to the channel and issuing an invite for the Slack App when prompted by Slack.

Get started with Vercel and Slack.