Can I deploy my site to multiple locations with Vercel?

As the global economy becomes more connected, you might want to make sure that your site is accessible all around the world with similar performance characteristics. Read on to learn about global deployments on Vercel.

Global Edge Network

Static assets are distributed and served from all of our global regions without any extra configuration, regardless of plan. Customers will always get static sites served from servers that are closest to them. A full list of our regions can be found here.

Serverless Functions

Serverless Functions on the other hand, can only be deployed to multiple locations from an Enterprise account. Pro accounts can choose a single region of their choice, while Hobby accounts will be deployed to a single region without the ability to configure the specific region.

Even if your Function is deployed in a region further than you'd like, you can cache the responses and have those cached responses served from servers closer to your customers.

You can find more about deploying Functions to different regions here.

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