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    You may want to disable Speed Insights in your project if you find you no longer need it. You can disable Speed Insights from within the project settings in the Vercel dashboard. If you are unsure if a project has Speed Insights enabled, see Identifying if Speed Insights is enabled.

    If you transfer a project with Speed Insights enabled from a Hobby account to a Pro plan, it will continue to be enabled but with increased limits, as documented in the pricing docs. This means that Speed Insights will be added to your Pro plan invoice automatically.
    Select a project from your dashboard and navigate to the Speed Insights tab.

    If no data has been collected yet then you will see an Awaiting Data popup. From here you can click the Disable Speed Insights button:

    Awaiting Speed Insights Vitals data popup.

    If data points have been collected, click on the ellipsis on the top-right of the Speed Insights page and select Disable Speed Insights:

    Disable Speed Insights option.

    When you disable Speed Insights in the middle of your billing cycle, it will not be removed instantly. Instead it will stop collecting new data points but will continue to show already collected data until the end of the cycle, see the prorating docs for more information.

    If you are on an Enterprise plan, please remember to check your contract entitlements as you may have custom limits included. If you have any questions about your billing/contract regarding Speed Insights you can reach out to your CSM or AE for further clarification.

    If you have many projects on your Vercel account and are not sure which of them has Speed Insights enabled, you can see this from the dashboard without needing to check each project separately. The different circles in the right corner of each project card will show the Speed Insights status.

    If the project uses a supported framework but Speed Insights is not enabled, then the circle will look like the below:

    Speed Insights not enabled but supported with Zero config for project.

    If Speed Insights is enabled but no data points have been collected yet then it will show an empty circle, like the below:

    Speed Insights enabled for project but no data points have been collected.

    If Speed Insights is enabled and data points have been collected then the circle will be coloured with a number inside, similar to the below image:

    Speed Insights enabled for project and has data points.

    Last updated on September 28, 2023