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Viewing & Searching Domains

Learn how to view and search all registered domains that are assigned to Vercel Projects through the Vercel dashboard.
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To view all your registered domains, go to the Domains tab in your Vercel dashboard.

The domains list will show you all domains that are currently active on your account, and are split into the following columns:

  • Domain - The domain name
  • Registrar - The domain registrar (Vercel or Third Party)
  • Nameservers - The nameservers for the domain (Vercel or Third Party)
  • Expiration date - The expiration date of the domain
  • Creator - The person who created the domain, indicated by their avatar
  • Age - The age of the domain, from when it was added to now

You can search for a specific domain by using the search bar above the domains list.

It is not possible to search a multi-level wildcard subdomain. It is only possible to search a subdomain at one level down.

Last updated on June 19, 2024