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Removing a Domain from a Project

Learn how to remove a domain from a Project and from your account completely with this guide.
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When you add a domain to any project, it will be connected to your account until you choose to delete it. This guide demonstrates how to remove a domain from a Project and from your account completely.

To remove a domain that is assigned to a project, navigate to the Domains tab from the Project Overview and click the Edit button for the domain you want to remove.

Once the Edit button has been clicked, you will be presented with further options. Click the Remove button to remove the domain from the project.

Optionally, if you wish to remove a domain from all Projects, as well as your Account, navigate to the Domains section of your dashboard. In the list of all the domains under your account, find the domain you wish to remove. Then, from the context menu, click the Delete menu item.

Option to delete domain(s) from the Domains tab.

If the domain was purchased through Vercel, you must first wait for the domain to expire before you can remove it from your account.

Last updated on February 6, 2023