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Renewing a Domain to Your Account

Learn how to toggle auto renewal on and off for custom domains purchased through or registered with Vercel, and renew third-party domains with this guide.
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Custom domains purchased through or registered with Vercel are automatically renewed by default. You can see the expiration or renewal date of your domains in the Domains tab of the dashboard.

Expiration column of the Domains table.

To manage renewal settings for your domains, do the following:

You can choose to prevent the automatic renewal of a Domain from the Domains tab on the Vercel Dashboard.

Once on the Domains tab, click on a domain to view its Advanced Settings:

Advanced settings section with auto-renewal status visible.

If Vercel is the registrar of the domain, the auto renewal status of your Domain will be displayed here.

You can toggle auto renewal from the details menu in the top right:

The menu item for toggling the auto renewal status of your Domain.

If auto renewal is off, Vercel will not try to re-register the Domain when it expires at the end of the registration period. You will not be charged for the Domain any longer, but you will lose access to the Domain when it expires. Recovering the Domain, if even possible, may be subject to a redemption fee. Please contact our support team as soon as possible.

Vercel will send you three emails regarding the Domain before this happens. 24 and 14 days before the Domain is set to expire, you will be notified that auto renewal is off and the Domain will expire soon. A final email will notify you when the Domain expires.

If auto renewal is on, Vercel will begin daily attempts to renew the domain one week before the domain expires. You will receive three emails regarding the renewal process: 17 days and 7 days before renewal attempts begin, and finally when the Domain has either been successfully renewed or failed to renew.

Renewal attempts may begin earlier than 7 days in advance for certain TLDs.

You can filter your Vercel owned domains by their renewal status by clicking the filter icon in the top right of the Domains table:

Filter Domains table by renewal status.

Third-Party Domains (ones not purchased with or transferred into Vercel) are not subject to auto-renewal. Please refer to your Domain name registrar's policy regarding renewals.

Last updated on February 6, 2023