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Using Integrations with the Deploy Button

Learn how to use Integrations with the Vercel Deploy Button.
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integration-idsstring[]A comma-separated list of required Integrations IDs: oac_4mkAfc68cuDV4suZRlgkn3R9, oac_JI9dt8xHo7UXmVV6mZTygMNZ

This parameter allows you to specify a list of Integration IDs. When specified, the corresponding Integrations will be required to be added before the Project can be imported. You can add up to 3 Integrations per Project.

You can find the IDs of your Integrations in the Integrations Console.

Integrations which contain a "UI Hook URL" cannot be rendered in the Deploy Flow.

The example below shows how to use the integration-ids parameter in a Deploy Button source URL:

integration id
skippable-integrationsnumberMark the list of provided Integrations as optional

If this parameter is present, the user will be able to add one of the provided Integrations or skip them entirely, instead of being forced to add all of them.

Because the user will only be able to select one (not multiple) of the optional Integrations, they should all serve the same purpose. For example, if the purpose is error tracking, the Integrations Sentry and Datadog could be defined here.

To use this parameter, you also need to specify at least one Integration.

The example below shows how to use the skippable-integrations parameter in a Deploy Button source URL:

skippable integrations
Last updated on July 25, 2024