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Prevent usage of force-dynamic as a dynamic page rendering strategy.
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Conformance is available on Enterprise plans

Changing the dynamic behavior of a layout or page using "force-dynamic" is not recommended in App Router. This is because this will force only dynamic rendering of those pages and opt-out "fetch" request from the fetch cache. Furthermore, opting out will also prevent future optimizations such as partially static subtrees and hybrid server-side rendering, which can significantly improve performance.

See Next.js Segment Config docs for more information on the different migration strategies that can be used and how they work.

Usage of force-dynamic can be avoided and instead no-store or fetch calls can be used instead. Alternatively, usage of cookies() can also avoid the need to use force-dynamic.

// Example of how to use `no-store` on `fetch` calls.
const data = fetch(someURL, { cache: 'no-store' });
Last updated on June 13, 2024