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Learn how Conformance improves collaboration, productivity, and software quality at scale.
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Conformance is available on Enterprise plans

The vercel-conformance command is used to run Conformance on your code.

The Conformance CLI is separate to the Vercel CLI. However you must ensure that the Vercel CLI is installed and that you are logged in to use the Conformance CLI.

The following sub-commands are available for this CLI.

The audit command runs Conformance on code without needing to install any NPM dependencies or build any of the code. This is useful for viewing Conformance results on a repository that you don't own and may not have permissions to modify or build.


pnpm --package=@vercel-private/conformance dlx vercel-conformance audit

yarn dlx only works with Yarn version 2 or newer, for Yarn v1 use the npx command.

If you would like to store the results of the conformance audit in a file, you can redirect stderr to a file:


pnpm --package=@vercel-private/conformance dlx vercel-conformance audit &> /tmp/conformance-results.txt

The init command installs Conformance in the repository. See Getting Started for more information on using this command.

Last updated on June 20, 2024