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Manage an Integration

Learn how to manage your Vercel Integrations after installing them.

You can manage which projects the installed Integration has access to by going to the Integrations tab on your Vercel Dashboard, and selecting an installed Integration.

You can manage your installed Integrations. In your Vercel Dashboard, go to the "Integrations" tab, and select an Integration you’ve installed. You can manage which projects the installed Integration has access to.

Every integration installed for a team creates an access token that is associated with the developer who installs it. If the installing developer loses access to the team, it will be disabled to prevent unauthorized access.

Note: If your installation becomes disabled, we will inform your team owners via email.

The status of your integrations can be checked at any time by clicking on the Integrations tab within your team's dashboard. If an integration is disabled, every owner of the team can take action by clicking Manage and either changing ownership or removing the integration.

Change ownership or remove the integration

When an integration is disabled, it behaves in a different manner:

  • The integration will no longer have API access to your team or account
  • If the integration has set up log drains, then logs will cease to flow
  • The integration will no longer receive the majority of webhooks, other than those essential to its operation (project.created, project.removed and integration-configuration.removed)

For an installation to be re-enabled, an owner of the team must change the ownership.

Note: If a disabled integration is not re-enabled, it will be automatically removed after 30 days. Any environment variables that were created by that integration will also be removed - this may prevent new deployments from working.

If you are an integrator, see the disabled integration configurations documentation to make sure your integration can handle disabled state.