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Data Cache Usage and Pricing

This page outlines information on the limits that are applicable to using Vercel Data Cache, and the costs they can incur.
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Vercel Data Cache is free while in beta.

Vercel Data Cache usage metrics can be found in the Data cache section of the Usage tab on your dashboard. The usage dashboard measures the following items for your account:

Storage has a fixed size limit based on your subscription. You cannot exceed your storage limit. When the storage limit is reached, existing items will be evicted based on which items were least recently used.

Written data is the amount of data written to the cache.

Data transferred is the amount of data retrieved from the cache.

Revalidations are the total number of tags or items requested to revalidate.

  • Item size – The maximum size of an item in the cache is 2 MB. Items larger than this will not be cached.
  • Tags per item – A cache item can have a maximum of 64 tags.
  • Maximum tag length – The maximum tag length is 256 bytes.
Last updated on December 2, 2023