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Data Cache Usage and Pricing

This page outlines information on the limits that are applicable to using Vercel Data Cache, and the costs they can incur.
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Vercel offers several methods for caching data within Vercel’s managed infrastructure. Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) caches your data at the edge and persists it to durable storage – data reads and writes from durable storage will incur costs.

The Vercel Data Cache, currently available in Beta for use with Next.js App Router, caches your granular data close to where your function executes – data reads and writes are free until it becomes generally available.

The following table outlines the price when using Incremental Static Regeneration for each resource according to the plan you are on:

This section details our improved infrastructure pricing. On April 25, 2024, these changes will apply to all new Pro customers. Starting May 25, 2024, current Pro customers will see these changes take effect on their next billing cycle. The Hobby tier remains free.

Select a Region
Managed Infrastructure pricing
Hobby Included
Pro Included
Pro Additional
Pro Price
First 1,000,000First 10,000,0001,000,000 Read Units$0.40
First 200,000First 2,000,0001,000,000 Write Units$4.00

The table below shows the metrics for the Data Cache section of the Usage dashboard.

To view information on managing each resource, select the resource link in the Metric column. To jump straight to guidance on optimization, select the corresponding resource link in the Optimize column.

Manage and Optimize pricing
OverviewThe usage from fetch requests to originsNoLearn More
ReadsThe total amount of Read Units used to access the Data CacheYesLearn More
WritesThe total amount of Write Units used to store new data in the Data CacheYesLearn More

See the manage and optimize Data Cache usage section for more information on how to optimize your usage.

Storage has a fixed size limit based on your subscription. You cannot exceed your storage limit. When the storage limit is reached, existing items will be evicted based on which items were least recently used.

The total amount of Write Units used to store new data in the Data Cache, measured in 8KB units.

The total amount of Read Units used to access the Data Cache, measured in 8KB units.

Revalidations are the total number of tags or items requested to revalidate.

  • Item size – The maximum size of an item in the cache is 2 MB. Items larger than this will not be cached.
  • Tags per item – A cache item can have a maximum of 64 tags.
  • Maximum tag length – The maximum tag length is 256 bytes.
Last updated on May 22, 2024