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How do I transfer my Vercel project from a personal account to a team?

Moving a project from a personal account to a team requires a few short steps and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Disconnect Git Integration

If you are using a Vercel for Git integration, disconnect it from your project in your Hobby account - this is done from the settings of your Git provider in the project settings, no action is required on the Vercel side.

This will not impact the status of your deployments, but will allow you to connect it to your team account. This is required because Git repositories can only be connected to a single Vercel project at any time.

Import Project

Import the project you wanted to move to the team account. If your deployment is dependent on environment variables, add them through the Import UI.

Ensure that the project deploys correctly and works as expected before proceeding to the next step.

Move a Custom Domain

If your project was using a custom domain, remove this from the existing project on the Hobby account. Once removed from the project, use the "Move" functionality from the Domains tab on the Vercel dashboard, entering the slug of the new team.

Add a Custom Domain

Once the domain has been transferred to the team account, add it to the project. Vercel will issue a new certificate for the domain and the team project will be available at the domain immediately.

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