With Vercel you can deploy two types of Functions, Edge Functions and Serverless Functions. Both can be deployed without any additional configuration.

Edge Functions

Edge Functions allow you to run code, through Middleware, close to your users, at the Edge. Built on a V8 Runtime with a high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, they support Web API standards such as fetch.

They are globally deployed by default when using Next.js, and give you up to 100x faster startups than Node.js on containers or virtual machines. Because they are built on V8, they have zero cold starts.

Edge FunctionsLearn about what Edge Functions are and how to use them with with Vercel.

Serverless Functions

Serverless Functions can be used to handle user authentication, form submission, database queries, custom slack commands, and more. They are run on the Edge Network and available with next to no configuration.

Serverless FunctionsLearn how to deploy Serverless Functions with Vercel.