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What are the benefits of using Vercel's Nameservers?

Nameservers are responsible for resolving domain names to IP addresses. When you point the nameservers for your domain to a host, the host is responsible for managing the DNS records associated with your domain. Read on to learn about what you gain from pointing your domain's nameservers to Vercel.

Automatic DNS Records

Domains with Nameservers pointed to Vercel don't need explicit DNS records created for the apex domain or subdomains since they will be created automatically. This means that you can add a domain or subdomain to a project without thinking about DNS records at all.

Not only does this reduce the potential for mistakes, but if you have multiple subdomains that you would like to use for your project, it takes away the need for manual entry of CNAME records for each of them.

Wildcard Domains

Another benefit you gain, is the ability to use Wildcard Domains without any further configuration. This will let you build interesting SaaS applications without getting slowed down by complex domain management and is only possible when pointing your Nameservers to Vercel.

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