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Wednesday, April 8th 2020

Simpler Pricing

Since the launch of our platform, we have always aimed to make our pricing model as simple as possible, and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Today, we are taking a giant leap towards that goal by introducing our new pricing plans for your personal account and teams.

Goodbye, Unexpected Bills

Seeing your projects scale automatically to cover any amount of traffic is much better than having to intervene manually. However, it is very important to not end up with unexpected bills afterward.

Therefore, all new plans include unlimited Bandwidth, Builds, and Serverless Function Execution*:

The new pricing plans for Personal Accounts and Teams.
The new pricing plans for Personal Accounts and Teams.

Free Personal Accounts

As of today, newly created personal accounts cannot be upgraded. Instead, they remain free and unlimited in usage* forever, thanks to the new Hobby plan.

You may change companies, roles, or teams – but you are always going to want a place to host your personal blog, contribute to your favorite open source projects, or even just try new things. Just like your personal email or GitHub account, your personal Vercel account is yours forever.

Straightforward Team Pricing

For professional projects and in cases where you need to work with other people, we recommend creating a new team, which will now automatically be granted a 14 day Pro trial.

After that, your team will be charged $20 per member per month. Usage will incur no additional costs.

Optional Features

Your team can now improve its experience even further by enabling Optional Features from the dashboard, which can then be inspected using the refined Billing page UI for teams:

The new overview on the "Billing" settings page for Teams.
The new overview on the "Billing" settings page for Teams.

You can find the full list of Optional Features that are currently available on the new pricing page.

Custom Pricing for Enterprises

If your project requires guaranteed levels of performance, scalability, security, or availability, we offer custom bundles for your most demanding applications, powered by the new Enterprise plan. Just let us know.


The new pricing plans make it incredibly easy to understand your expenses:

  • Personal accounts are free forever
  • Teams are charged $20 per member (custom pricing available on Enterprise)
Note: You will remain on your current plan until you decide to opt-in to a new plan.

Let us know what you think about this change. We're excited to help you succeed.

* All plans are subject to our fair use policy. The basics of it are: We never want you to worry about Bandwidth, Builds and Serverless Function usage when hosting your Jamstack application. Should you exceed what we can support, we will reach out to you.