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  • Support for 35+ Frameworks

  • Fast Globally (Edge Network)

  • Automatic CI/CD (Git Integration)

  • Functions (Serverless, Edge)

  • Starter Database (KV, Postgres)

  • Web Analytics

  • Community Support

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For teams with more security, support, and performance needs.

  • 99.99% SLA

  • IP Allow & Block Rules

  • Isolated Builds & Deployments

  • Additional Role & Access Controls

  • High-Performance Edge Network

  • SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation

  • Secure VPC and VPN Connectivity

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20 days

Saved on daily builds


faster time to market


higher conversion


site impressions

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Edge Functions

500,000 execution units

1 million execution units


Edge Middleware

1 million invocations

1 million invocations



Serverless Function Maximum Execution Duration

10 seconds

300 seconds

900 seconds

Serverless Function Execution

100 GB-hours

1,000 GB-hours



Multi-Region Serverless Functions


Build Execution

6,000 minutes

24,000 minutes


Image Optimization

1,000 source images

5,000 source images



Concurrent Builds






100 GB

1 TB



Data Cache

128 MB / account

128 MB / project

1 GB / project

Runtime Logs

1 hour of Logs

1 day of Logs

3 days of Logs

Team Members

$20/mo per member


Unlimited Previewers
Remote Cache Artifact Downloads

10 GB

10 GB


10 GB


Deployments per Day




Domains per Project




Preview Deployment Suffix



Vercel Projects Connected per Git Repository




Speed Insights


$10 per project per month




Code Owners



$10 base fee per month




Web Analytics

2,500 events

25,000 events





30,000 Requests

150,000 Requests


Coming soon


60 Compute Hours

100 Compute Hours


Coming soon


Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

Edge Config

50,000 reads / month

1,000,000 reads / month



HTTPS/SSL by default
DDoS Mitigation
Advanced Deployment Protection


Custom Firewall Rules
SSO Protected Previews
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Secure Compute


IP Blocking


Community Support
Email Support
Email Support SLA
SLA for 99.99% Uptime
Advanced Support Scope
Onboarding Support
Dedicated Customer Success Team
Code Audits & Professional Services



Our Hobby plan is for personal, non-commercial use. Pro is for small teams with moderate bandwidth and collaboration requirements. Enterprise is for teams seeking greater performance, collaboration, and security. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Yes, we offer custom invoicing for Enterprise customers. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Our limits are listed here. Additionally, check out our Fair Use Policy.

We are glad you are growing and scaling with Vercel! Please contact us to discuss your resource requirements and we can customize a plan for your team.

Yes! On top of your included 1,000 GB of Bandwidth on Pro, you can pay as you go for additional Bandwidth at $40 per 100 GB, uncapped. If you have a free Hobby account, you are limited to 100 GB of Bandwidth and cannot purchase additional usage.

Thanks for continuing to use Vercel! Follow this guide to transfer your project to a team.

No, there is not a limit.

Potentially. Transfer fees are dependent on the TLD and the domain renewal fee. The domain-transfer workflow will alert you of fees before initiating transfer.

We calculate the total response size which includes headers along with the number of bytes in the body. Anything served from our servers from your project’s domain will be counted as bandwidth (including JSON responses for Serverless Functions).

When it comes to Serverless Functions though, GB-Hrs is calculated by multiplying the duration that your functions ran for by the amount of memory that was consumed by them.

To learn more, check out the Usage documentation.

No—to help support the open-source ecosystem, we provide free Vercel pro accounts to a variety of frontend frameworks, JavaScript libraries, non-profits, and philanthropic efforts. These sponsored plans are not being changed.

With our current pricing, developers on the Pro plan have some included usage in the first $20/mo plan, and then can pay for additional usage on demand after the included amount has been reached. For example, bandwidth. The first 1TB is included at $20/mo, and then after it is $40/100GB. This is not ideal for two reasons. First, there are multiple services included in the “bandwidth” price, including Fast Data Transfer, Fast Origin Transfer, and Edge Requests. With our improved infrastructure pricing, these metrics are now separate to allow you to optimize each individually. We still have included usage in the base $20/mo. Your first 1TB of Fast Data Transfer, 100GB of Fast Origin Transfer, and 10 million Edge Requests are included. When you exceed these values, you can accrue usage of each metric separately. Second, usage was previously packaged into 100GB increments. If you used 100GB of additional usage, you would pay $40/mo. If you used 101GB of usage, you would now jump to $80/mo. With our improved infrastructure pricing, there is no longer this large jump. If you exceed the first 1TB of Fast Data Transfer, then next 1GB is $0.15 additional on your bill, instead of $15 for the next 100 GB. Many customers will see price decreases for basics like bandwidth and functions due to this change.

Our more granular infrastructure pricing splits bandwidth and functions into metrics like Fast Data Transfer, Fast Origin Transfer, Edge Requests, and more. You can learn more about each metric in our documentation. Further, to explore all prices, you can view a preview of our updated pricing page.

Caching responses can reduce the usage of Vercel Functions. If the function response is cached, it will not run and incur a Function invocation or any GB/hrs of duration. Any request made to Vercel will incur an Edge Request. Requests to static assets incur the same Fast Data Transfer usage if the response is cached or uncached. Further, Vercel automatically adds etags to all responses to prevent end users from downloading the same asset many times. Our Edge Network automatically compresses responses to reduce your Fast Data Transfer.

We are committed to providing a free tier for Vercel users. As a reminder, free plans do not require the addition of a payment method and come with included infrastructure usage to build your first few projects. While making our infrastructure metrics more granular, we have kept a equivalent of the previous free tier included usage. For example, 100GB of Bandwidth is now 100GB of Fast Data Transfer, 10GB of Fast Origin Transfer, and 1 million Edge Requests. If you exceed the included free tier usage, your projects are paused. You can then upgrade to a paid plan to continue growing with Vercel.

We provide customers with tools to observe, control, and alert on their infrastructure spend with Spend Management. You can define a spend amount (e.g. $40) and receive email, web, and SMS notifications as you reach that amount. When reaching 100%, you can optionally automatically pause all projects with a hard limit. Over the past year, we've added features to the platform based on your feedback to help automatically prevent runaway spend, including recursion protection, improved function defaults, hard spend limits, Attack Challenge Mode, and more.

For the majority of Pro customers, monthly bills will stay the same or go down. Emails with next steps for your account will be sent to account owners. Hobby will remain free and will have free included usage in proportion to previously included bandwidth and functions. If a Hobby customer exceeds these new metrics within the next 6 months, their applications will be unaffected to give time to adjust. This update to our infrastructure pricing does not change any other part of our pricing.

These changes will go into effect during your billing cycle between May and June 2024. Before that date, the Vercel dashboard will display updated usage and billing information to allow you to understand these changes. Further, updated documentation will be live explaining each priced metric and how to optimize for each.

We've introduced regional pricing for Fast Data Transfer, Fast Origin Transfer, Edge Requests, and other metrics. These resources are priced differently depending on where your users are visiting from, due to differences in the underlying infrastructure.