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Thursday, July 1st 2021

Supercharge your Vercel Projects with Integrations

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Chris Widmaier

Engineering Manager

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Shu Uesugi

Software Engineer

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Jennifer Chang

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Bel Curcio

Engineering Manager

Today, we’re announcing our upgraded Integration Marketplace. We collaborated with partners to streamline installation and reduce as much configuration as possible, and gathered feedback from customers to increase visibility and confidence at every step of your development journey.

With the new Integrations Marketplace, it’s now even easier for Vercel users to discover, install, and configure integrations. We’ve also simplified how developers integrate with the Vercel platform to enable the best developer and end-user experience.

Find, install, and request integrations on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace.



Vercel and PlanetScale combine a powerful serverless platform with a scalable and easy-to-use database, giving developers an incredible development experience with limitless scale, wrapped in something that is elegant and easy to use.

Sam Lambert, CEO of PlanetScale


Fauna and Vercel allow DIGITALAX to move fast, scale as needed, and remain free from operational overhead, which is essential as we build out core layers for Web3 digital fashion and metaverse infrastructure.

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee, CEO/Founder of DIGITALAX

Content Management System (CMS)


Our Vercel and Sanity integrations make our content editors' lives easier with the ability to preview updates with Next.js Preview Mode instantly. This gives us all the features of a traditional dynamic CMS with all the benefits of a static website.

Sam Mathews, Founder and CEO of Fnatic



Connect Shopify Stores with Vercel. Deploy an all-in-one React starter kit for high-performance ecommerce sites with a few clicks.

Bel Curcio, Director of Solutions at Vercel


Strategic Integrations like BigCommerce on Vercel provide innovators in commerce the opportunity to deploy their big ideas faster than ever.

Rachael Thompson, Developer Advocate at BigCommerce



Datadog’s Vercel Integration provides you with full visibility into your applications. Search, analyze, and store your serverless function logs and track frontend performance with Datadog Synthetics browser tests.

Stephen Pinkerton, Product Manager at Datadog


Logflare's Vercel Integration allows me to log structured data, which powers aggregate user and app performance metrics for my app. I'm able to debug issues quickly and understand feature adoption over time. I can even share this data with stakeholders through Logflare's integration with Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio.

Gregor Martynus, JavaScript Octokit Maintainer for GitHub

Monitoring and Error Alerting


Vercel and Checkly allow us to monitor all our Vercel projects in Preview and Production. This helped us find bugs earlier and reduced the number of user-reported issues significantly. It’s easy to use and fits perfectly in our toolchain.

Andreas Wixler, CTO of


Sentry has changed how we monitor and respond to errors at Vercel by increasing code visibility and reducing resolution times. I’m thrilled for the new SDK to make error monitoring even easier for the Next.js ecosystem.

Lee Robinson, Head of Developer Relations at Vercel

Developer Tools


With the Clerk Integration for Vercel, you can add authentication forms to your Next.js or React application in minutes. For example, uses Clerk to seamlessly add authentication to their Vercel environments.

Colin Sidoti, CEO and Co-Founder of Clerk


Doppler for Vercel has drastically improved our developer experience by having a single source of truth for all our environment variables. The Vercel integration allows us to quickly sync our environment variables to all of our Vercel projects with ease.

Zach Waterfield, Senior Software Engineer at On Deck

Ready to develop an integration? Check out our documentation and create an integration with Vercel today.