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Checkly is the API & E2E monitoring platform for the modern stack. This integration auto-generates health checks for your Vercel projects on Checkly's free plan, ensuring you'll never deploy broken apps - zero config needed.

  • Automatically create basic frontend checks
  • Run checks on preview & production deploy
  • Schedule checks for synthetic monitoring

You can adapt and expand your suite with

  • Fast JS-powered browser checks
  • Full-fledged HTTP requests to monitor your APIs
  • Fine-grained alerting

Have a look at this case study of how the integration helps to increase reliability with less effort!


Get started with a few clicks

  1. Select the integration from the marketplace and link it with the Vercel project(s) you want to monitor/test.
  2. Select if you like to run checks against preview, production, or both, and install the integration.
  3. We will automatically create your Checkly account, and every deployment on Vercel will trigger an auto-generated check run.
  4. You can see the check results on the Checkly dashboard from where you can also create additional checks and add notification channels like Slack.

What the integration does

  • The integration will create a basic health check against the target website automatically.
  • This check runs in a real Chrome browser, screens the browser's console log, and fails when errors occur.
  • You can add customized checks from the Checkly account and link them to your Vercel project.
  • Next to browser checks, Checkly supports API checks (deeply customizable HTTP requests). API and browser checks can run on deploy or schedule for continuous monitoring.
Get started with Vercel and Checkly.