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🚨 After install click Configure ⤴️ to add a log drain. 🚨

Add log and app performance management to your Vercel project with Logflare. This integration works on top of Vercel’s log drains to make it easy for you to get your logs into your Logflare account.

Logflare’s pricing structure includes 12.9M free log events per month and expands on what’s available in Vercel. Features include:

  • Static asset logs
  • Structured log messages, parsed console log lines, and parsed lambda report data
  • Auto-parse stringified JSON from lambda message to JSON object
  • One-click to your 5XX’s and slow requests

Read the integration guide or copy the Data Studio report.

Additional Information


Where are my console logs?

Vercel wraps all your console logs in the context of the request. They're buried in the message in your log event metadata. This is the stdout dump from your lambda runs. AWS gives us some metadata about the request in the report section along with the stdout string.

We parse this string for standard console logs so you can search for -m.parsedLambdaMessage.lines.level:NULL. This gives us all console log levels which are not NULL.

How do I find slow lambda responses?

Simply search your logs for>2500. This will return all lambda runs which took longer than 2.5 seconds to return.

How do I find my errors?

Search for m.proxy.statusCode:>=500. There are two statusCode fields in the payload. m.proxy.statusCode is the HTTP status code returned to the end user. m.statusCode is the lambda status returned by AWS.

Pro / Enterprise Only

This integration requires a Pro or Enterprise plan.

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