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Datadog’s Vercel integration enables you to ingest your functions’ logs for analysis and storage. Datadog also provides Real User Monitoring to monitor performance and understand user behavior, which can be integrated into and Synthetic Monitoring which can be integrated directly with your applications.

Additional Information

Once you set up the integration, logs from your Vercel functions will begin to stream your logs into Datadog. Our Vercel dashboard provides summary metrics, and an access point to drill down into your logs.

You will be able to manage, analyze and archive your Vercel logs alongside logs from across your infrastructure. Datadog's logs overview visualizes key log data including total requests over time — a useful heuristic for traffic volume within your Vercel Functions–powered backend — along with 4xx and 5xx error log counts. This provides a high-level overview of the performance of your functions. You can also define additional custom metrics based on your logs for easier monitoring and alerting, and longer retention.

Datadog APM enables you to visualize and understand the performance of your Vercel functions in depth. Get code-level insights and conduct targeted root cause analysis to understand how your functions are interacting with downstream services.

Pro / Enterprise Only

This integration requires a Pro or Enterprise plan.

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